Kassandra Marina (fuckbeautiful) wrote in suck_yo_mamma,
Kassandra Marina

Casey and Kiernan kick ass

Your Name/age/sex/location: Kassandra.16.female.Fair Haven (NOT RED CREEK APARTMENTS Casey)
Sexuality: I only like men.
Marital Status: W/ John for like 8 months now
Religion, if any: baptised roman catholic... but you know im not kinda not?
Give yourself a label: the most awsome person in the world (and I spelled it your way, too :-))

Favorites Casey and Kiernan
Musical artist: the Casey and Kiernan band
Book: the biography of Casey and Kiernan
Movie: Casey and Kiernan strike back
Word: Caseykiernan
Curse: dumb shit - casey

Smoking (ciggarettes): ew
Pot: mm
Other Drugs: ew
Alcohol: ehh
Homosexuality & Gay marriage: ew
Self-mutilation: hm ok if its for cool reasons not gayness
Abortion: ew but ok
Anti-depressants and Ritalin/other ADD/ADHD medication: meh sucky
Long-distance relationships: in one, not the best, not the worst. kiernan was the worst.

You, in depth
Three words that describe you: kassy is awsome
Biggest fear: casey and kiernan not loving me
Do you involve yourself in "high school drama"?: nope its gay like homos
Role model and why: casey and kiernan because they are so awsome
How do you think other people would describe you?: awsome or a bitch
Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?: guy
How are you doing academically in school?: better than casey and kiernan combined
What are your major goals: to be awsome
Describe your style: awsome
Are you a crowd pleaser?: sure
Do you have a razor tongue? RAYZUHTUNG!
How close are you to your family?: closeclose

Extraness -- This is the cool shit :-D
Why should we accept you?: im kassy and im pimping your comm
Where did you advertise the community or who did you invite? (Post links): no where dumbass it'll be a "brother" comm to mine
How did you hear about suck_yo_mamma?: you guys, duh
Are you in any other rating communities?: yeah but im not active because i only line fuckbeauty
Want any superlatives? (be sure to include a reasonably small picture)> yeah the awsomest
Three things you can't live without: casey kiernan and their love
Casey Patchen or Kiernan Tubolino?: the real question is Kiernan Patchen or Casey Tubolino?
Craziest thing you've done: date kiernan?
Most painful thing you've done: hmm... play punch for punch with jim
If I raided your room, what's something you hope I don't find?: my dildo? or my diaries.
Are you a virgin? nope!
Have any fetishes?: yep!
What's the meanest thing you've ever said/done/thought?: i wanted someone to like go into a permanent vegetative state for ever because of reasons
Make me laugh: nope you make me laugh
What's your favorite TV commercial?: the fiesta mouth thing for starburst
One interesting fact/talent/unique feature (pictures would be cool): nope
Anything else?: nope

Pictures go here bitches
You know what I look like asshole you're standing right next to me.

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