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Casey and Kiernan kick ass

Your Name/age/sex/location: Jan Bartkowiak/18/Male/PHILA PHILA!!!, PA
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: With Kassy!!
Religion, if any: I don't like religion much, seems too restricting
Give yourself a label: JAN THE MAN!!

Musical artist: H-I-M, Linkin Park, and old Metallica
Book: Don't Read too many books
Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original), 28 Days Later, Anything creepy or scary
Word: "A-W-S-O-M-E" < The way u guys spell it!
Curse: "Tampon-Licking MOFO"

Smoking (ciggarettes): Bad for your health a.k.a Cancer Sticks
Pot: NOT FOR ME!!!
Other Drugs: As long as you don't die,or cause irreprable damadge.. its o.k ( i kno i spelled irreprable wrong..)
Alcohol: FUN! but don't over do it like JON!!
Homosexuality & Gay marriage: I don't care...
Self-mutilation: Here's a rusty nail, go have fun...
Abortion: Sometimes necessary,sometimes murder
Anti-depressants and Ritalin/other ADD/ADHD medication: OVERPRESCRIBED!!!
Long-distance relationships: FUN FUN FUN

You, in depth
Three words that describe you: Loser, Kassy's b/f, bleh... couldn't think of any other
Biggest fear: end of life...
Do you involve yourself in "high school drama"?: nope, outta high school..
Role model and why: My father, saved me from being aborted...
How do you think other people would describe you?: "Big Nose"... "Loser"... "A-Hole"
Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?: Girl friends, i donno, just do
How are you doing academically in school?: 3.5 GPA :-D
What are your major goals: Get some good degree in network engineering, start family, have enough $$$ to shit out, go out with a bang
Describe your style: I wear something different everyday, don't really have one..
Are you a crowd pleaser?: Sometimes
Do you have a razor tongue? Nope.. Casey has razor fists.. MWA HA HA!!
How close are you to your family?: Semi-Close Relationship

Extraness -- This is the cool shit :-D
Why should we accept you?: Cuz...* thinking*... i donno, cuz kassy's LJ community is getting on my nerves?
Where did you advertise the community or who did you invite? (Post links): Nobody yet...
How did you hear about suck_yo_mamma?: You Guys !!! DUH!!
Are you in any other rating communities?: Kassy's.. fuckb_e_a_u_t_y
Want any superlatives? (be sure to include a reasonably small picture)> I suck at that stuff..
Three things you can't live without: Music, Computer, Kassandra
Casey Patchen or Kiernan Tubolino?: Casey.. cuz Kiernan hates me for some reason..
Craziest thing you've done: Run naked in school for $50
Most painful thing you've done:get hit by a car...
If I raided your room, what's something you hope I don't find?:my porn stash, oops.. Casey already found it
Are you a virgin? Noppers
Have any fetishes?: Ask Kassy ;-) lol
What's the meanest thing you've ever said/done/thought?: Cursed out someone to a point where they never spoke to me again
Make me laugh: *picture Jan's face* there ya go...
What's your favorite TV commercial?: The Geico that looks like a Old Navy Commercial
One interesting fact/talent/unique feature (pictures would be cool):SPEAK AWSOME POLISH!!
Anything else?: NOPE

Pictures go here bitches
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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