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Casey and Kiernan kick ass

Your Name/age/sex/location: Jamee / 16 /femme / New York
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Religion, if any: None as of yet, although I'm looking into Shamanism
Give yourself a label: Theatre Dork

Musical artist: Gogol Bordello
Book: Harry Potter
Movie: Wayne's World
Word: Cunt
Curse: see above

Smoking (ciggarettes): ew
Pot: YUM!
Other Drugs: bad
Alcohol: ew
Homosexuality & Gay marriage: works for me!
Self-mutilation: dumb
Abortion: yanno, it happens
Anti-depressants and Ritalin/other ADD/ADHD medication: stupid
Long-distance relationships: hard

You, in depth
Three words that describe you: really fucking awesome
Biggest fear: going blind
Do you involve yourself in "high school drama"?: nope
Role model and why: the quaker oats guy
How do you think other people would describe you?: unique and intelligent
Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?: guys
How are you doing academically in school?: good
What are your major goals: get famous
Describe your style: awesome
Are you a crowd pleaser?: nah
Do you have a razor tongue? sometimes
How close are you to your family?: kinda

Extraness -- This is the cool shit :-D
Why should we accept you?: because you love me and I'll give Casey his pants
Where did you advertise the community or who did you invite? (Post links): I will later
How did you hear about suck_yo_mamma?: Casey and Kiernan
Are you in any other rating communities?: yep mostly just fuck_b_e_a_u_t_y
Want any superlatives? (be sure to include a reasonably small picture)> maybe later
Three things you can't live without: My ipod, theatre, clothes
Casey Patchen or Kiernan Tubolino?: Casey
Craziest thing you've done: I don't remember
Most painful thing you've done: filling out this application because its the same damn thing as fuck_b_e_a_u_t_y
If I raided your room, what's something you hope I don't find?: My granny panties
Are you a virgin? Nope
Have any fetishes?: Lots, S&M, bondage, blood and so on
What's the meanest thing you've ever said/done/thought?: I had a dream that I murdered my ex's brother with a pencil, and I woke up really happy.
Make me laugh: Ok
What's your favorite TV commercial?: I dunno
One interesting fact/talent/unique feature (pictures would be cool): I'm pretty good at acting I think
Anything else?: I love you guys!

Pictures go here bitches

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My faux hawk

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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